• Jonathan Meddings

Why walking out on bigots is a bad idea

Jonathan and Chris Fotinopoulos write for the Sydney Morning Herald about the importance of free speech and confronting intolerant views head on:

"It's... not just that everyone should have the right to speak, it's that the rest of us have the right to listen and understand. That includes exposing the ugly side of our society, so we can respond to it" says Meddings.
"Rather than telling bigots, "You can't say that", we should be saying, "We hear you. We disagree with you. Here's why."

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Update: Having since worked with some of the most vulnerable members of LGBTI communities at Thorne Harbour Health, and lived through the marriage equality postal survey himself, Jonathan wishes to retract his statement that could be seen as diminishing the divisiveness of the marriage equality plebiscite.