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The Final Cut:
The truth about circumcision

If you are thinking about circumcising your son, read this book first.


Heinemann Biology

Heinemann Biology 6th edition is your one-stop shop for VCE Biology. The long-trusted series provides quality content that completely covers the 2022-2026 Biology Study Design. 

Heinemann Biology .jpeg


The real cost of denying people living with HIV permanent residency

We are a wealthy country, but we are poorer for denying people living with HIV permanent residency. 

Rubber stamping the destruction of the great barrier reef

That an environment minister has approved plans for one of the largest coal ports in the world to be located at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef would be comical if it weren't so obscene. 

Time to put politics aside and implement pill testing

Another summer, another life tragically lost to drugs at a music festival.

The Race Delusion

Richard Dawkins is wrong about race, and you probably are too.

Talking about the end: How Epicurus and Christopher Hitchens faced death

It is often said the only certainty in life is death; yet contemplating mortality is something many spend most of their lives avoiding.

The antidote to arrogance

How to be wrong the right way.

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